Maintaining Healthy Hair

Maintaining Healthy Hair

Healthy hair starts with a healthy body, working from the inside out. You can not repair healthy hair (unless you shave it bald and start over) BUT you can strengthen hair! Healthy hair has a protein and a moisture balance. This is why it’s so important to get regular steam treatments with protein or hydrating conditioners. Remember, too much protein can be damaging to the hair and cause dryness. Regular steam treatments opens the cuticle layer and helps strengthen the hair. Don’t be afraid to ask hairstylist what other services you may need other than a regular shampoo.

There is a period when hair doesn’t grow at all…internal and external abuse. Internal abuse comes from aging, illnesses, certain medications, or imbalance pH of the body. External abuse comes from relaxers (over processing/scar tissue of scalp), coloring, bleaching (improper use of lighters), over heating (flat iron), or braids not getting proper oxidation (too much tension). All of this can cause the hair follicle to stop producing.

Having your hair trimmed regularly (every 6-8 weeks), can cause the hair to grow properly. With all the external abuses done to the hair, this causes the hair to split, weaken, and cause dryness. A good trim/cut can stop the damage in its tracks. Trust your stylist and know they have your best interest and want your hair to be in its healthiest state. If your hair is short you may can get away with going to extremes (double processing, blondes) because you are continuously cutting off possible damage. With shoulder length/longer hair it is more important to get regular trims when doing extreme things to hair. Even though there are products out there to help strengthen the hair bonds, it’s still wise to know what’s the best care for your hair. For example, the blonde color on one person may not be the best blonde color for you. This is why going to a professional stylist can give you the proper care maintenance for YOUR hair.

By maintaining great eating habits, drinking the proper amount of water, and having a stylist to educate you…Healthy hair is not hard to maintain. So when you stop comparing your hair to your friends, start visiting a great hair stylist on a regular basis, and STOP looking for the cheapest stylist… then you will be well on your way to having the healthiest hair ever.

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