“Hair Madness”

“Hair Madness”

Wondering why your hair just wont do right???

-Lack of proper conditioning and excessive shedding /breakage, you may need a steam treatment. Hair tends to be dryer in the Winter Time so you may want to get more deep conditioning treatments at this time of the year.

-The hair may need to be trimmed or cut. Split ends can cause the hair to be dry or shed more than the norm. Trims are recommended every 6-8 weeks.

-The hair could have too much oil weighing it down. If your hair tends to be oily, you may want to switch to a lighter oil or cream for moisture/ or no oil and allow your natural oils to take over the hair.

-Doing your own hair and using the wrong products (Quality Products) that are different from your stylist. This can cause issues with getting your hair to the state you want it, Healthy! The best thing to do is leave your hair to a professional…Professional ‘LICENSED’ Stylist use the best products for your hair; if you go home and use a shampoo you picked up from the grocery store, its defeating the purpose of achieving GREAT HEALTHY hair.

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