The Gym…Hair, Sweat, and YOU

The Gym…Hair, Sweat, and YOU

A top reason why woman do not exercise is due to their hair sweating out…either relaxed or natural. Exercising is good for you and your hair. But your hair will produce some salt in the moisture of the hair, and become damp in the process of the workout. You can shampoo and condition the hair once a week, especially using the right Hair Care Products. You have to use products that cater to YOUR hair, and not rely on what others use.

Just because you had a relaxer a week or two earlier, don’t think the hair will stay straight forever. Your hair is always growing, even during the relaxer process and it may get course around the edges. You may even see new growth in as little as 1 or 2 days…2 weeks out, u will definitely see new growth. That’s life and we can not stop the hair from growing. Your main concern is ‘BEING HEALTHY’ and keeping your hair HEALTHY!

Also if your hair is natural and you just got it pressed…tie a satin/silk scarf tight around the head during the workout. You can either wrap your hair or pincurl, whatever you prefer.  Once finished, keep the hair tied until completely dried. (DO NOT remove the scarf if wet, your hair will become frizzy)Then you can remove the scarf and your hair should be perfect…you may have to apply a little moisture, NOT a lot, don’t want to weight the hair down.

Even in the natural / curly state, try working out with a moisturizing conditioner…rinse it afterwards. You can even use a leave-in conditioner and style as usual.

SO STOP making excuses and GET YOUR WORKOUT ON!!!




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